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Tasting Events: Frequently Asked Questions for Wineries

and Wine Representatives

About the Space Park Enology Club:
The Space Park Enology Club is a non-profit club based at Northrop Grumman?s Redondo Beach campus. Established in 1974, the club has approximately 110 current members and is dedicated to the study and exploration of wine.

A Typical Wine Tasting Event:
We usually average about 55-65 attendees at each tasting event. As a non-profit organization, our goal is to price each event to within a reasonable estimate of net-zero profit and loss. Thus, the event cost for attendees depends on wine and other variable expenses; it is usually in the price range of $35-$45 person.

Enology Club Co-Host:
The Enology Club will provide a volunteer co-host to work with you. The co-host, who is usually a board member, will discuss all the various event aspects, wine details, and coordinate the logistics of the event with you.

Event Theme and Title:
Determined by winery host and Enology Club co-host

Event Format:
Sit down event, tables of 8 attendees with bread, cheeses & fruit accompanying the wines. An aperitif is chilled at each table for attendees to enjoy as they arrive. Wines are poured as flights of similar wines. Approximately 10 total wines are tasted. The winery host talks about the winery and each flight of wines.

Wine Flights:
The club usually presents 3 flights of 3 similar wines. 4 flights of 2 wines or other combinations are also possible. The club is flexible and can customize the event to your wines and presentation.

If the winery has enough different wines to fill all of the tasting flights (varietal, style, vertical, etc.), the club can pour wines from your winery?s selections alone. If not, the winery can present one or two wines in each flight and the club will purchase and include comparatively similar wines within the flights. This is your choice.

Wines can be presented in a blind tasting format, or not, at your discretion. Although not required, attendees usually vote on a favorite wine within each flight and also a favorite wine of the evening.

Event Wine Purchase:
The total purchase is ~ 5-6 cases of wine if we are purchasing all of your wines for our event:
  • About a case of the aperitif, since one bottle is provided for attendees to share at each table.
  • 4-6 bottles of each wine, depending on attendance (includes bottles for an end of evening drawing).
The club will purchase the wines from you or a retailer, if you so designate. Of course, we will accept donated/comped wines, or discounted wines, should you wish to do so. As for costs, we would like to get your wine club discount and/or best pricing possible. Discounts vary from winery to winery and the discounted prices for the purchased event wines are only known to our board. The club provides a list of the wines tasted, retail price, and purchase location to attendees/membership.

Wine Club Membership and Sales:
As host, you?ll have several opportunities throughout the evening to speak to the group about your winery?s history, wine-making philosophy, production and the wines in each flight. During the tasting of each of the flights, feel free to walk the room and visit with attendees.

This is your opportunity to showcase your wines to a room of wine enthusiasts. We encourage you to bring promotional materials for your wine club and forms to allow attendees to order wines directly from the winery. The club will place the materials on the tables prior to attendees arriving, or we can have information centrally located in the banquet room.

Tasting Venue:
Most tasting events are held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Redondo Beach. Food plates are purchased by the club from hotel catering which includes breads/crackers, cheeses and fruit which complement the wine.

Events are usually scheduled on Friday evenings, and run from 7:30PM to approximately 10PM.

Event Announcement Timing:
Determine event format, wine flights and finalize costs 8 weeks prior to the event date.

Enology Club will sign hotel contract securing event date and venue.

Enology Club creates and sends event information flyer to our membership and mailing list starting one month prior to event date.

Other pre-event activities include meeting to get wines, any additional requirements and/or coordination up to several days prior to the event. If the wines have been shipped or picked up prior to the event, the Enology Club co-host will deliver the wines to the hotel the day before the event to chill any white wines.

The Space Park Enology Club is looking forward to having you join us for a fun evening of wine tasting featuring your winery!! Please contact us with any questions, concerns or suggestions.

For additional information and event calendar visit our website at: http://www.SPEnology.org/

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Thank you,
Space Park Enology Club

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